A Tale of Two Dinners

Both Darrell Dexter and Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie held fundraiser dinners for their respective parties last week. This kind of thing is old hat for back-room boys so we were curious to see if the NDP could pull off a dinner where folks shell out serious cash for a left-of-centre party now that union donations are banned.

The Conservatives were guaranteed seat sales when they announced federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Defence Minister Peter MacKay would be speaking.


Does their new logo foreshadow the sun setting on the Conservative Party in Nova Scotia?

The new development was the revealing of their new logo. A sun over green hills and blue waves, it’s lovely. But having the sun over the green hills on the right (west) instead of the blue waves on the left (east) allowed Liberal staffers to announce the logo represented “The Sun Setting on the Conservative Party.”

There was room for 300 seats at the NDP dinner. At $175 a ticket, we guessed they’d come up short. They stuffed in 340. Manufacturers, lumberyards, egg hatcheries, law firms – businessmen bought tables. Will this be the end of $5 chili fundraisers in church basements? Probably not. But it was a good showing.

A reader sent the NDP menu to us, and it made us hungry:

Mesclun garden herb and grilled bosc pear salad
with roquefort blue cheese and spiced pecans
with balsamic and olive oil dressing


Breast of chicken filled with prosciutto, asiago and spinach
with a balsamic pecan mushroom jus

Chocolate cheese cake

A section of Nova Scotian wines

Outside, there was a very different menu. A student group was hosting a free meal of Kraft Dinner to raise awareness of student issues outside of the NDP fundraiser. The interesting thing? NDPers attended both, chatting with students outside before joining their Premier.