First Contract Arbitration Legislation: A Twitter-Sourced Play in Two Acts.

Twitter Cast: @CFRAAtlantic, @Tony_Tracy, @HalifaxLabour, @dwallbridge, @nspc, @NSLiberal, @esooze, @skimber

Act One

CRFAAtlantic: NS wants to introduce 1st Contract Arbitration. What problem are they fixing? How will this create jobs? Only unions will be happy.

Tony_Tracy: First contract legislation is an important step in *reducing* labour disputes & strikes when workers first form their union.

CRFAAtlantic: If arbitration is so good maybe unions should give up the right to strike and opt for arbitration.

HalifaxLabour: Why are you so opposed to a Fair Deal for workers in Nova Scotia?

CRFAAtlantic: On Jordi Morgan show discussing pro-union Bill. Government should be focused on private sector jobs, not ideology.

dwallbridge: Legislation exists in most other jurisdictions. Reduces the number of strikes. Good for stability of economy.

nspc: Will the Premier agree that now is not the time to proceed with this job killing first contract arbitration bill?

tony_tracy: Why Liberal, Tory & NDP government’s nationally have passed 1st Contract Arbitration. (PDF)

nspc: Will the Premier put jobs and the economy ahead of special interests?

halifaxlabour: Why does NSPC and JamieBaillie believe workers and their families are “special interests”?

nsliberal: Why is the Premier’s political ideology more important to him than jobs for Nova Scotians?

alexboutilier: Dexter says over 80% of Canadians are covered by first contract arbitration.

esooze: On first contract arbitration: skimber says it’s about “righting the balance” & I agree: Link.

skimber: Perhaps it’s time McNeil and Baillie stopped shilling for the powerful and spoke for the least powerful, including unorganized workers.

Will there be an Act Two? Probably. In order to fundraise for the next election, both the Conservatives and the Liberals are leaving the centre and moving to the hard right to attract the attention of the same set of political donors. We expected that from back-room boy Jamie Baillie. We’re disappointed the Liberals have followed suit.