First Contract Arbitration Legislation: A Twitter-Sourced Play in Two Acts.

Twitter Cast: @nspc, @NSLiberal, @dwallbridge, @yaomifanma, @tony_tracy, @esooze, @michaelbvickers, @cameronmcraig, @skimber, @larochecbc, @alexboutilier @BigJmcC

Act One is here.

Act Two

skimber: Perhaps it’s time McNeil and Baillie stopped shilling for the powerful and spoke for the least powerful, including unorganized workers.

larochecbc: MLA’s getting blood pressures checked tomorrow. Is the middle of a filibuster really the best time to do this? I think not!

yaomifanma: FCA Legislation exists in most CDN jurisdictions. Trudeau passed it, Romanow passed it and even Mike Harris in ONT didn’t cut it.

MichaelBVickers: Trudeau rejected this type of FCA, Ont has a different version. Get facts correct.

yaomifanma: But you’re already forgetting McNeil-Baillie are against ALL types of FCA legislation, including Trudeau’s.

LiberalStaffer: Stats Can shows no crisis in Nova Scotia and Labour Minister admitted to stable labour relations.

yaomifanma: Opposition to FCA seems to either be “We hate unions” or “Why now?” Well, unions are just workers, and why wait for a crisis?

nspc: The NDP are pushing as hard as they can to pass a labour law that discourages job creation.

dwallbridge: What evidence do you have to support that claim? There was wide spread consultation including written submissions and open study day.

NSLiberal: Why are they introducing legislation for a problem that doesn’t exist?

dwallbridge: The opposition should go ask the employees of Scotia Recycling about the impact of a first contract strike.

alexboutilier: “If you want to carry a big stick, why not walk the walk, as they say,” – Allan MacMaster, on hour two of the hoisting of Bill 102 (FCA).

nspc: No one has publicly asked for FCA. So who has privately pushed the government to do this?

esooze: Shame on NSPC for wanting to postpone justice for workers. Workers are our wealth producers!

larochecbc: NS Libs will speak on “hoist” motion but do not support delay of bill 102 (FCA Legislation)

cameronmcraig: why wouldn’t the NS Liberal party join the NSPC debate on hoisting Bill 102?

LiberalStaffer: Because Liberals want to hear what the public thinks … Not the NSPC repeating the same message.

alexboutilier: Really hard to pay attention to the NSPC’s hoist of Bill 102 while the Green Bay-Detroit game is on in the Howe Room.

tony_tracy: First Contract Arbitration bill is a step in the right direction: Link

larochecbc: NS legislature has moved onto other business for the first time this week.

BigJMcC: Bill 102 has passed 2nd reading. NS about to come into current century of labour law.