Election Erection

We read the tea leaves. The NDP will go after their 2nd mandate in 2013.

There’s been lots of enthusiastic speculation by opposition parties and pundits that Premier Dexter will call an election in 2012, even though the NDP are only two months shy of three years in power. Speculation will grow even more intense in the days to follow, as Finance Minister Graham Steele delivers the budget.

The Liberal Party is already convinced Dexter will go in 2012 – they are nominating candidates for ridings that may not even exist under the Boundary Commission’s forthcoming revised electoral boundaries.

We understand why a lot of folks are aroused at the thought of an early election:
– Dexter’s government is polling well on the back of recent good economic news;
– Ships Start Here and its related brands are in high rotation on TV;
– The Opposition Liberals will be preoccupied working for former MP Mike Savage’s mayoral run in Halifax this fall.

But most importantly, as The Chronicle Herald’s Dan Leger put it:

Dexter and Co. also benefit from non-electrifying performances by the opposition parties. Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil hasn’t yet presented a distinct alternative to the New Democrats and PC Leader Jamie Baillie still gets hangover headaches from his party’s chaotic last term in office.

One reader suggested the opposition parties are the ones wanting an early election.

They can barely stomach another day sitting on the opposition benches, looking across in disbelief at the party that occupies the government seats.  Their seats.  They’re angry. Even though they would lose, a quick election would allow them to retire.

That seems far too strong a sentiment, but for these and other reasons, we can see how people might think it would make political sense for a snap election call this fall.

But we’re here to tell you they’re wrong. The speculation is premature and fails to grasp what makes the NDP tick. They like to govern. The longer they govern, the more comfortable Nova Scotians will be with Premier Dexter and his team.