A Tale of Two Unions

Man has lost the basic skill of the ape, the ability to scratch its back. Which gave it extraordinary independence, and the liberty to associate for reasons other than the need for mutual back-scratching. – Jean Baudrillard

Nova Scotia has an NDP government. And the NDP have an historic and familial relationship with the labour movement. That’s reality.

While the Tories and Liberals like to blow hard about good labour legislation including First Contract Arbitration, a real important question is how each of the two long-time friends – the NDP and the labour movement – are evolving now that the NDP is the governing party.

In fact, let’s look at First Contract with that question in mind. Labour wanted it. And passing the legislation wasn’t so much “payback,” as it was pay-forward to Labour. It was about the future. In return, Labour would behave responsibly (and strategically) in contract negotiations leading up to the next election. That is what the NDP were trying to “fix” – the divisive, bitter and unstable labour environment under Conservative and Liberal governments of the last 20 years. More specifically, the NDP was  saying “this is the kind of progressive legislation you can expect from an NDP government.” But, to continue to get this kind of progressive action from the NDP, they need to be in power. And for that to happen, Labour needs to evolve beyond short term demands for wage hikes that the province cannot yet afford.

So far, the evidence suggests the NDP has evolved into the kind of pragmatic, responsible government that builds the economy and creates jobs – much like Romanow and Doer did out west. Neither of those successful NDP governments had serious showdowns with Labour. So, what about Labour? Have they evolved? Or are they still treating the government as if an anti-labour party were in power?

Last week, we saw evidence suggesting that one union’s leadership – the NSGEU – has evolved, while another union’s leadership, the NSTU – is acting neither strategically nor responsibly.

The NSGEU  bargained in good faith, did not break the media blackout, and did not strike. They received a good contract that keeps wages in line with cost-of-living increases. Imagine if Jessome and the NSGEU had behaved with the hostility of Alexis Allen of the NSTU? It would have been chaos.

The NSTU isn’t even negotiating a new contract for our teachers yet, and they are already poisoning their own well with their ad assault on the government and their antics as visitors to the legislature of late. It is a shame. Our teachers deserve cool-headed, thoughtful, and responsible labour strategies from their union reps – that’s the way to negotiate with the NDP government.

Congratulations to Local 42 on your new contract. The NSTU should evolve and learn from you.