Hot Fun In The Summertime

We are taking the summer off from our coverage of politics and the Nova Scotia legislature. For our final post before the break, we answer a few letters from readers.

You wrote about Bill Estabrooks when he announced he would not run for another term, why not Graham Steele?

We appreciate the work of Steele as Finance Minister, but in just 3 years Estabrooks can stake a claim as the best Transportation Minister the province has seen.

The work Steele did to heal the structural deficit Rodney MacDonald created meant impressive discipline. But the balanced budgets of the future will be introduced by Maureen MacDonald.

There arguably should be a post about Maureen MacDonald’s legacy as Health Minister. The Collaborative Emergency Centres will mean ERs are closed less often and patients will see a doctor faster. The NDP’s Mental Health Strategy should be borrowed by other provinces. Most importantly, Maureen MacDonald’s strong legislative agenda means fewer Nova Scotians will get cancer.

The Canadian Cancer Society has complimented Nova Scotia frequently for action on fighting cancer, citing restrictions on tanning bed use and pesticides, a tobacco strategy, and health agreement with the Mi’kmaq.

How come you didn’t print my tip?

We are sent a lot of emails from readers. Some of your information has proven to be true, and would have meant a scoop for us. We have no problem at all with anonymous sources, but be assured – we will never divulge your name if you give it to us. But if you are writing to us anonymously, we do try to find a second source to confirm the rumour as fact. That process sometimes means we can not run with the story.

So when’s the election?

In a recent column, Herald columnist Marilla Stephenson says the draft report on electoral boundaries means there will not be a fall election.

Voters tend to be grumpy in the spring. That’s why former premier John Buchanan called — and won — all those fall elections. But thanks to the swirling controversy over boundaries, the fall option may be out of play for the NDP.

We’ve said it before – there will not be – and never was going to be – an election this fall.

Stephenson continues to say a four year election cycle means a spring 2013 election. The problem with this reasoning is that with a majority government, Darrell Dexter has five years, not four.

We predict a fall 2013 election.