This Land is Your Land

The NDP should buy back the Medway, and add to crown land in St. Margaret’s and Rossignol. There is a future in forests and in forestry, and the NDP government should step up to the plate and buy back this valuable timber while it is still available.

The Mersey land is about four times the size of Kejimkujik National Park, including parcels of high quality timber in Queens, Hants, Halifax, Lunenburg, Queens and Annapolis counties.

Nova Scotia has the lowest percentage of Crown Land in the country. That is land that is owned by all of us, for hunting, fishing, hiking, canoeing and camping. It provides us with our “right to roam”. There are a variety of reasons for the NDP to buy back to Medway:

  • Crown Land creates jobs, ranging from licenses and leases for cranberry bogs and forestry operations, to wind and tidal energy.
  • Wild spaces fight climate change.
  • Buying the land can prevent more suburban sprawl out of Halifax.
  • The Medway River is a hotspot for endangered animals. With the federal Conservatives gutting Species at Risk legislation, the NDP can step in.
  • Nova Scotia passed legislation that commits it to protecting 12 per cent of Nova Scotia’s land by 2015. Right now, this land can be bought for a fraction of what it would normally cost.