Power Play

We expect electricity prices will remain an important part of politics this fall, and think the NDP and the Conservatives can both score points on this issue from the left and right wings as the Legislature begins its session.

Stephen McNeil is in over his head on energy policy, and that gives Darrell Dexter and Jamie Baillie room to move on the issue.

Putting the HST back on home heating, making dangerous promises in their TV attack ads, and fighting Efficiency Nova Scotia’s independent status – McNeil’s power plan would make their worst moves on energy since the Liberals started to tax electricity.

Jamie Baillie can make up the ground he lost if his Conservatives downplay their odd attacks on renewable energy and continue to focus on the UARB instead. Tilting at windmills was a major error by the NSPC.

Darrell Dexter, by announcing legislation limiting power rate increases and executive bonuses, proves the NDP is no friend of Nova Scotia Power. And by negotiating a greenhouse gas reduction agreement with the federal government, the NDP to will save ratepayers from paying $1.3 billion.

The Liberals have worked hard to make power bills the defining issue of 2012. Unfortunately, their leader’s plan comes dangerously close to qualifying as a prank instead of a policy plank.