No Snap Election

We expected electricity prices to dominate the fall session of the Nova Scotia legislature after the Liberals released their attack ad over the summer. The NDP have returned fire early, launching a pre-legislation rocket at the opposition’s electricity plans with their new website Lowest Fairest Rates.

The site asks Nova Scotians to sign up to show their support for a “clean energy future” and speak out against “Stephen McNeil’s expensive electricity experiment.”

Reminding Nova Scotians who expected the NDP to be perfect that the opposition could be perfectly awful is a smart tactic by the governing party.

Stephen McNeil electricity

The campaign against Stephen McNeil’s electricity plan:

The Liberal Caucus called Lowest Fairest Rates another sign of “a snap fall election.” It is not. As every government announcement is dismissed by the opposition as electioneering, watch for the press gallery to find that Liberal line stale. Stephen McNeil’s team should be careful what they wish for – if an election were close, the press would have to ask the opposition tough questions.