The Boy Who Cried Wolf

When no provincial election is called this fall, remember who told you there would be a snap election, and stop trusting their judgement.

Zach Churchill: Allison Sparling, so is the Premier calling an election in the next couple of weeks? Let’s get a blogger’s analysis. (from Twitter)

Allison Sparling: “Lying is stupid.”

Joanne Bernard: Big election rumours. Support Joanne to volunteer for my campaign and help me earn Dartmouth North.

Nova Scotia Liberals have spread fake election rumours before. Now it is happening every week. As we have said before on these pages, as every government announcement is dismissed by the opposition as electioneering, watch for the press gallery to start to ask the Liberals tough questions about their own policies.

Job numbers are up. The NDP has launched a campaign against Stephen McNeil’s electricity plan. And Darrell Dexter is proving popular in visits to Liberal held areas including the Strait and Digby. Spreading false rumours gives Liberals an opportunity to get their supporters to fall for their plan to Give More, Sooner.

Don’t trust the boy who cried wolf. The Liberals are wrong. The election will be in fall of 2013.

As we declared last April, the Liberal election speculation is premature and fails to grasp what makes the NDP tick. They like to govern. They want to reduce poverty and fix health care and rebuild roads and make Nova Scotia one of the first provinces to recover from the worldwide recession. The longer they govern, the more Nova Scotians will see positive results from the NDP, and the more comfortable they will be with Premier Dexter and his team.