Talking with the Taxman About Poetry

In The Chronicle Herald’s one-sided coverage of former Bank of New York Mellon CEO Robert Kelly and his speech to the Greater Halifax Partnership, journalist Chris Lambie recaps the speech but gives no context or a single counterpoint for Kelly’s views.

Kelly would like to see the NSLC privatized, have government employees lose their union status and promotes the idea of “right-to-work states”.

The opposition parties often speak out against unions and collective bargaining. The Liberal and Tory back rooms boys are tuned into Robert Kelly’s world view. They should tune out.

The @CCPA, on Alberta’s privitization of liquor stores:

Ten years later the retail industry has evolved into monopolistic competition with its inherent excess capacity and high costs. The government has lost effective control of the liquor industry which will likely continue to evolve into an oligopolistic market structure as chain stores get greater control. Wholesale costs have risen, and retail prices have increased. Although retail prices have increased, the tax revenues to government have fallen significantly.

And writer and editor @dispositif on “right-to-work” policies:

The NYC banker also loves ‘right to work’ legislation and mentions there is “quite a bit of evidence” on its success. Actual research? Right to Work = Higher rates of poverty and child mortality; lower per-capita income, life expectancy and standard of living; fewer people covered by health insurance; and significantly lower levels of worker productivity.