Prorogue Nation

Under Rodney MacDonald, Province House was dubbed “the laziest Legislature in Canada” for the slim number of days the government would open debate in our country’s birthplace of parliamentary democracy.

Darrell Dexter and the NDP pledged to “put the legislature back to work.” And they have, nearly doubling the days each year MLAs can introduce and debate legislation.

Liberal governments across Canada took the opposite path, trying to curb dissent and stifle opposition.

In Quebec, the Liberals were turfed from office after passing a law ban on demonstrations and severe financial penalties on people if they picketed or protested in a manner the Liberal decided would be “illegal.”

In Ontario, the Liberal Premier resigned and prorogued the Legislature, killing an ongoing investigation of contempt against a Liberal cabinet minister.

In British Columbia, the Liberals cancelled the fall session of the legislature after plummeting in opinion polls.

It is becoming acceptable to Liberals to prorogue the legislature to get out of a tight political spot. Shutting the legislature down so that Liberals can avoid that nuisance called “democracy” should not be acceptable to any one else.

Thankfully, parliamentary democracy is healthy again in Nova Scotia.