The Bees’ Knees – Prizes for Week Six

Each week the Legislature is in session we’ll give out four prizes for the best and worst moments, as recorded in Hansard.

Killer Bee

The last two weeks the Legislature is in session are always the most acrimonious. Lunenburg West NDP MLA Gary Ramey, after constant interruptions during a speech, offered this quote, which was a strong theme of the fall session.

Gary Ramey: Our NDP Government will drag them, the Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives, kicking and screaming into a brighter future and we will leave it to them to explain why they want to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution, and why they do not want to be part of growth and progress. That’s what they’ll have to explain at some point.

Soon, the press will begin the ask how the opposition would create jobs, when they speak out against nearly every investment in nearly every community. Ramey wins the Killer Bee prize for the week.

Bumble Bee

Alfie MacLeod wins the week’s Bumble Bee prize for the error prone for forgetting he was on the governing side just three and a half years ago. Finance Minister Maureen MacDonald set him straight:

Alfie MacLeod: It’s obvious this Minister of Finance is an expert at the shell game, because what they give with one hand they take away with the other hand.

Maureen MacDonald: You really do have to laugh when a member of the PC caucus has the audacity to stand up on the floor of this Legislature and talk with righteous indignation about debt. That Party left debt to subsequent governments of any political stripe that cost close to $1 billion annually to service in the Province of Nova Scotia. The reason why we see programs under pressure – our health care, our education, and other programs – is because of the spectacular mismanagement of previous governments, particularly the former Rodney MacDonald Government.

Honey Bee

Liberal MLA Michel Samson and NDP MLA Sterling Belliveau share the Honey Bee prize for talking about an issue rarely raised in the Legislature – our lobster industry.

Michel Samson: What efforts is the minister making to ensure lobster fishermen in Nova Scotia receive the best possible price for their catch?

Sterling Belliveau: We have been doing a considerable amount. We have been working with the industry – not only with the Lobster Council of Canada, who has an initiative in marketing and branding lobsters. I am very proud of that, and we are also working on international markets, yes there are opportunities there but we are also working with the industry. We stood up for the independent fishermen on owner/operator, we stood up on protection of Georges Bank, and we’ll stand up on the fishing industry, the lobster industry of Nova Scotia.

Drone of the Week

1 drone noun \drōn\
a stingless bee that does not gather nectar or pollen
2 drone intransitive verb \drōn\
to talk in a persistently dull or monotonous tone

Liberal Glace Bay MLA Geoff MacLellan, in a debate on the rural economy, talked about employment in Cape Breton, and criticized the deal to try to save Bowater in Queens County. The problem? MacLellan forgot the Liberals voted in favour of the Bowater deal, and were against the deal to save Cape Breton jobs at NewPage.