The Bees’ Knees – Prizes for Week Seven

Each week the Legislature is in session we’ll give out  prizes for the best and worst moments, as recorded in Hansard.

Honey Bee

Chester – St. Margarets’ NDP MLA Denise Peterson-Rafuse introduced Nova Scotia’s first long-term housing strategy in the Legislature, presenting a very good blueprint to build better housing options for Nova Scotians.

Peterson-Rafuse: As the Minister of Community Services and the minister responsible for housing, it is my priority to make life better for Nova Scotians through safe and affordable housing. On Monday our government announced the province’s very first long-term Housing Strategy. I don’t know why previous Liberal and Progressive Conservative Governments have always operated without a clear plan to deal with this crucial issue, but those days are finally over…

Saving money for a home can seem like a distant, if not impossible, dream for many hard-working families. We will be there to help these people who need a hand up, not a handout. Nova Scotia will become a leader in innovative financial solutions to help Nova Scotians who may not yet be in a position to secure a mortgage from a bank or a credit union. We will enable Nova Scotians to save for a down payment, build equity and buy their home. We will offer lease-to-own options such as dedicating part of a tenant’s rent to building equity in their home. We will offer a graduate home ownership program that lets recent graduates get a jump-start in building equity and provide an incentive to stay right here at home.

Peterson-Rafuse wins this week’s Honey Bee prize for good work on the NDP’s Housing Strategy.

Drone of the Week

1 drone noun \drōn\
a stingless bee that does not gather nectar or pollen

2 drone intransitive verb \drōn\
to talk in a persistently dull or monotonous tone

Bedford Liberal MLA Kelly Regan had nothing positive to say about the largest investment in affordable housing in Nova Scotia’s history.

Kelly Regan: Let’s be clear – this isn’t a strategy. It’s a framework. It’s a wish list.

A strategy is a framework. You build regulations and programs and services by following a strategy. And let’s be clear, Kelly Regan and the Liberals have not presented a strategy or a framework or a blueprint of their own.

Kelly Regan wins this week’s Drone of the Week prize for continuing on with the Liberal Party’s Politics of Negativity.