Follow the Money

The Liberal Party of Nova Scotia is in a hurry for an election. Why so eager, one may wonder?  Part of the reason could be the province’s improving jobs numbers. But perhaps there is another reason. Perhaps there is some information that they wish to keep hidden until after an election.

Stephen McNeil had an opportunity to turn the page on the tainted Liberal trust fund. The Liberals even voted with an NDP resolution calling for all financial statements for the trust fund to be released by May 17th.

That deadline came and went, and the Liberals released a few pages, but all that could be learned from this lean offering was that the Liberals have spent $2.2 million setting up a think tank in Ottawa – thus avoiding Nova Scotia provincial laws.

Where are all the missing pages? Conservative MLA Chris d’Entremont continues to ask:

The information filed by the Liberal Party today is flimsy and contained very little that wasn’t public. The Liberals had a chance to be open and transparent about how the tainted trust funds are being used but failed.

Today’s filing did not include financial statements from the “For the Public Good Trust” or details about what the nature of the work the new institute, led by prominent Liberal supporters, would perform.

Stephen McNeil, in his first three years as leader, spent $1.2 million from funds that were raised from unknown sources in the 1970’s at a time when the Liberals illegally raised millions. Mr. McNeil had the chance to be transparent about how that money was spent but chose instead to cover it up.

According to a press release issued by the Conservatives, a new issue on the tainted trust funds has emerged. The vague objectives of the “think tank” suggest it could be used for polling or contacting likely Liberal voters during an election period – a sneaky use of these ill-gotten gains.

For this reason, it is more important than ever to follow the money.