Liberals entitled to their entitlements?

Stephen McNeil’s decision to let Liberal MLA Manning MacDonald take a month-long vacation while the Legislature sat could mean a fine for the MLA this week as the all-party Management Commission meets to review the case.

Frank Corbett, one of the NDP’s commission members, said he will propose a specific penalty when the commission meets on Thursday. “He has been absent for extended periods of time for the last couple of years, and we think that something should be done,” Corbett told the Chronicle Herald.

Corbett said there are valid reasons to be absent but a month-long vacation is certainly not one of them. Tory Leader Jamie Baillie seems to have the common sense to agree. And PC Party House leader Chris d’Entremont said he will likely support docking Manning for his paid vacation.

The NDP have also released a video showing Stephen McNeil getting caught by journalists on the issue. McNeil claimed there was no rule and wanted clear guidelines. The problem? There is a rule. And clear guidelines. McNeil really embarrassed himself on this issue. Liberals feeling “entitled to their entitlements” is something Nova Scotians really dislike about his party.

In in the final third of the video, Stephen McNeil is asked a follow-up question – should the Liberal Caucus hand back the funding it got connected to Manning MacDonald? His answer? No.