Ones to Watch – The 10 Best New Candidates

This summer, candidates from  Nova Scotia’s three political parties will be knocking on doors in advance of the fall election.

We took a look at the list of new candidates stepping up to the plate and came up with a list of the most promising ten.

1. Tanis Crosby, NDP candidate in Halifax Atlantic.

Our faithful Pictou Bee readers wrote in recommending a bevy of candidates from the Halifax area for this list, including Tanis Crosby. She has a strong resume of getting things done and initial reports say she is a powerful public speaker.

A Reader Review: “Like a young Maureen MacDonald, with steely will to go along with idealism and intellect. Tanis Crosby will be a powerhouse, and a different kind of politician. She will surprise people. The old boys won’t know what hit them.”

2. Paul Emile LeBlanc, PC Candidate in Clare-Digby.

The president of La Chambre de Commerce de Clare and past president of the now defunct Business Alliance for Local Living Economies of Nova Scotia. Paul Emile LeBlanc has strong roots in Clare. This is one seat in Nova Scotia that could turn into a three way race.

A Reader Review: “Paul Emile is the type of candidate we need more of. He’s a ‘progressive’ conservative, an average down-to-earth guy, a hard worker.”

3. Dean Kenley, NDP candidate in Clare-Digby.

A businessman greatly respected in Digby, Kenley trumpets that no recent government has done more than the NDP to actively pursue economic development for the riding.

A Reader Review: “Dean is a fantastic candidate. He has ties to the fishing community, the business community, the Port Authority, the local EDA. He has a finger in every pot – just made for this job of MLA.”

4. Bert Lewis, NDP candidate in Cape Breton – Richmond.

With strong ties to Port Hawkesbury, and Liberal MLA Michel Samson’s recent troubles, Bert Lewis could post a surprise win here for the NDP. He has run before, and will be a polished campaigner.

A Reader Review: “Bert Lewis! A town councillor, an educator, and a guy who’ll be here to have our back.”

5. Mary Hamblin, PC candidate in Halifax Needham.

She sells organic soup at a farmer’s market and is a former director of Planned Parenthood. A good candidate that breaks the stereotype of the Tories being all old white men from the back-rooms and boardrooms.

A Reader Review: “Of course Mary cannot win, but the fact that we can get this kind of candidate in ridings we’re weakest shows that conservatives who fled Rodney are coming back into the fold.”

6. André Cain, NDP candidate in Dartmouth-Preston.

Keith Colwell won’t know what hit him. A young lawyer, with a background in human rights, and deep ties to three of the most important communities in Dartmouth – Preston, André Cain could win this seat back for the NDP.

A Reader Review: “It’s as if André was raised by his whole community to get to this moment. Where ever he goes, his town, his church, his university, he is loved. The NDP scored BIG here with André.”

7. Mary Vingoe, NDP candidate in Dartmouth South.

The co-founder and past Artistic Director of The Eastern Front Theatre in Dartmouth, this Order of Canada recipient also has strong ties to the social justice communities that helped Marilyn More hold this seat for so long.

A Reader Review: “A playwright is the legislature again? Yes please. Mary is the second-coming of Wendy Lill.”

8. Pamela Eyking, Liberal candidate in Victoria – The Lakes.

Conservatives would be wrong to dismiss Pamela Eyking as just the wife of Liberal MP Mark Eyking. While Manning MacDonald and Michel Samson may have fallen from grace in the eyes of Cape Bretoners, the Eyking family has not.

A Reader Review: “Nova Scotians have proven to be fond of family trees brancing out into politics. Look at Gerald Regan and Kelly Regan, or the Savages. Pamela, husband in tow, could be very popular on the doorsteps.”

9. Gregor Ash, NDP candidate in Halifax Chebucto.

Briefly declared the winner in the federal race of Halifax West by CBC, Ash’s move to provincial politics bodes well for the NDP maintaining their grip on Halifax seats. The fact that he came so close in his last race will drive him harder the second time out.

A Reader Review: “Gregor’s work in the community, at NSCAD and the arts community, will bring him a ton of volunteers if he taps them. A buy local guy, at home talking about the arts or agriculture policy, he’ll ensure Chebucto has a smart, strong voice.”

10. Jody Frowley, PC candidate in Kings West.

Is Jody Frowley the candidate people in the Valley want to have a beer with? We’ll have to wait until this September’s pennant race to see if the President of Baseball Nova Scotia can knock off Leo Glavine and become Mr October.

A very succinct Reader Review: “People like baseball.”

We received more letters on this topic than on any other. Thank you to all the readers who sent in their recommendations.