The Liberals’ communication strategy


“Each evening they come back, howling like dogs… snarling invective, drawn daggers in their teeth. They think they’ll never get caught.” – Psalm 59:6-7

Chronicle Herald Associate Publisher Ian Thompson, opening with a bible quote of his own from the Book of Matthew, says the NDP government has gone Biblical. It acted decisively to calls for urgent action on issues concerning citizens, and somehow this is wrong. That some of those calls for action came from the Herald itself, some just days ago, is testimony to the fickle times we live in.

But the real biblical story will come this morning, moments after acting Finance Minister Graham Steele issues another steady-as-she-goes fiscal update.

  • Stephen McNeil will howl wild allegations of trickery on the part of 30-year civil servants in Finance and Treasury Board who prepared the fiscal update for the NDP.
  • Liberal staff will take to Twitter to howl heaps of text at the Bond Rating Agencies who must be conspiring with those same civil servants and the NDP to lie about the Province’s credit rating being at an all-time high.
  • They will howl hypocritical harangues about “corporate welfare,” while simultaneously taking credit for $20 million in government support secured for the new ferry in Yarmouth, and posing for photo-ops at the Port Hawkesbury mill (that would be closed if they had the chance, taking nearly 3% of the economy down with it).
  • They will howl “foul play” at government announcements of recent months, like funding for children’s dental care, the Main Street program for tourism, and funding for mental health in schools – things they cut when they were in office.

The Liberals are promoting a politics of negativity in Nova Scotia, where they cheer for bad news, and attack good news as spin.

So we agree with Mr. Thompson: call the election. It’s time voters understand that Mr. McNeil’s bite will be quite a bit worse than his bark, and that Nova Scotians don’t dare take the risk.

How’s September?