5 Experts Speak Out Against the Liberals’ health plan

Dr. John Ross:

I think it’s going to be administrative upheaval and a lot of busywork and cost us a fair amount of money in terms of severance packages and just the confusion that will ensue. I think at the beginning it will cause havoc. It’ll be a complete distractor.

Bruce Saunders, board chairman, Cumberland Health Authority:

Mr. McNeil plans to dismantle a successful “health authority” structure to save $13 million. The daily cost of the entire provincial health-care system is approximately $10.7 million. Does he seriously plan to destroy the current system of governance to save approximately one day’s operating expense?

Hattie Dyck, former newspaper reporter:

For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone in rural Nova Scotia would want to be governed by one super health board for the total province and one for the IWK Children’s Hospital which is what Liberal Leader Stephen MacNeil is advocating.

CUPE Nova Scotia:

The news out of Alberta that the health minister there has fired the entire Board of Alberta Health Services should serve as a wakeup call for those who are pushing the idea of a so-called “superboard” here in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Nurses Union:

There has been much public discussion over the past year concerning plans to amalgamate district health authorities. In the past, Nova Scotia has undergone several variations of health care reform, causing disarray in the system to the detriment of nurses and the patients they care for. Future changes threaten to invite labour unrest, employer instability, and challenges to job security as well as seniority levels – all distractions from real and pressing needs in health care.

Shifting to super boards leads to more expensive administration costs. Alberta saw an $80 million increase in administration spending after implementing a super board in their province, over and above the cost of making the initial switch.